"Lauren & Tim are one of the top 100 Most Influential + Inspiring Voices in the Wedding Industry"
- The Knot, 2017

"One of the top 75 Photographers in the World"
- BRIDES Magazine, 2018

"Lauren and Tim Fair are absolutely phenomenal photographers; and everything they capture turns to light and airy gold. They both have an incredible eye for detail and arrangements, and know just the right moments to capture candids. Their photos singlehandedly caused me to fall in love with the look and texture of film. There is something about their style that I don't believe you'll find anywhere else. They balance fine art texture with vibrancy, and each photo looks so delicate, genuine - even the candids! Now that our first anniversary is coming up, I find myself browsing more and more frequently through our wedding photos. We have all of the tears, all of the nerves, all of the laughter, all of the light, and all of the love saved forever.  I'm so glad Lauren and Tim captured our day. No one could've done a better job. We were and still are so lucky."

"You went so above and beyond with your thoughts and work leading up to the wedding. You were the champions of my dream and you helped me craft the most unique and beautiful wedding I've ever seen. Thank you for making me the happiest bride in the world! I really cannot convey enough the depth of my gratitude - I'm in a state of awe as I look at our photos!"

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