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Hilary + Lou

First of all, their work is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I've seen a lot of talented wedding photographers' work, but as one person said who saw our pictures, their work is just on a completely different level. We had hoped for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour on a beautiful fall day, but were met with a rainy, gray day instead. Lauren and Tim managed to turn our rainy wedding day into INCREDIBLE pictures. There is a picture of us where they managed to capture every raindrop that is one of the most stunning wedding pictures I've ever seen. I follow them on Facebook, and another thing that is so impressive about them is their consistency - every wedding seems even more beautiful than the last, and they make every bride look amazing! (I am usually so picky and self-conscious with pictures of myself and loved so many of mine...)

Lauren and Tim also have the perfect personalities for this kind of work. They're fun, upbeat, warm, responsive, and genuinely care about their couples. They're completely unobtrusive, yet somehow managed to capture every single tiny detail and candid moment. They're up for anything - my husband gets super uncomfortable in posed pictures, so we suggested a county fair for our engagement shoot, and we had such a blast with them! They took pictures of us playing games, on the swings, slide, etc... and the resulting pics were full of color and just gorgeous. They're also super-knowledgeable and happy to provide recommendations about other vendors, planning a timeline, etc.

We are so thrilled that we picked Lauren and Tim for our photographers. A few months after the wedding, people are still commenting to us about how amazing our pictures were. I could not recommend them more highly!

"Lauren and Tim are as close to perfect as you can get! The best advice I could give to brides is to stop reading this review and just see if they're available ASAP"